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When it comes to multi-faceted facial equipment, Destina Beauty Bar is the industry-leading resource for beauty salon professionals searching for facial-specific salon products.

With a product line featuring facial ultrasonic equipment, facial micro-current machines, facial steamers (also referred to as Vaporizer), magnifying lamps, and salon dry sterilizer units, you can find everything you need on the Wholesale Salon Equipment site.

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Destina Beauty Bar is dedicated to providing global small and large businesses with a reliable source to purchase cosmetic products at wholesale prices. Destina Beauty Bar offers its customers the widest selection of beauty products, a user-friendly storefront design, and professional delivery service. We at Destina Beauty Bar prioritize our customer’s satisfaction as the core of our business.

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iRestore has been clinically studied and proven to promote hair regrowth in a recent 2017 study (with both male and female subjects). In this 4-month clinical research study, an astonishing 100% of active device users saw visible improvement in hair growth with an average increase of 43.23% in hair count (Scroll down to the “RELATED VIDEO SHORTS” section below to learn more) Whether you’re a man or woman, you can grow thicker, fuller, and healthier hair fast with iRestore’s clinical-strength laser hair restoration technology. You can use it on its own or with another hair loss treatment. Physicians believe laser therapy can be used to enhance the results of other hair growth treatments (such as biotin supplements, hair loss shampoo, foam, Rogaine, minoxidil, Propecia or finasteride, and more) Developed in GMP-certified facilities, this home-use device is durable, lightweight, comfortable, hands-free and easy to use – unlike laser combs/brushes that provide far less coverage AND require constant hand movement, which is tiring, inconvenient, and prevents you from going about your day.



Effective: Combine the three most effective laser wavelengths (808nm+755nm+1064nm) which suitable for all skin types and all hair color. 2. Saving cost and treatment time:Dual connectors working system, two handpiece can work together or separately. 3. Longer service life: using USA coherent company laser bar, 20 million shots 4. High efficiency: Exclusive 2 sets 450W TEC smart cooling system-Size is smaller, bigger power, lower noise, better cooling system,can continuously work for 24 hours

Nail Printer


Picture editing, add text, cut pictures, any DIY on the picture. Automatically lock the nail size, automatic recognition function, self-cutting print on any part of the picture. Safe hand rest design, 2 mm from the print head, not only safe, but also improved printing accuracy. High-quality nozzle and automatic cleaning function, when replacing the ink, replace the nozzle together, there will be no blockage. Ultra high resolution 4800x1200dpi, the print pattern is very delicate, the effect is clear.

Pedicure Equipment


High precision rotary instruments and excellent finish, made to last. These instruments are suitable for all conventional methods of disinfection, cleaning and sterilization.

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